Total Shoulder Replacement

How physical therapy can help

To ensure the best results following shoulder replacement surgery, it would be in your best interest to participate in both “pre-hab” physical therapy (therapy before surgery) and post-op physical therapy.

The more you prepare before your procedure, the better your recovery. Our therapists can provide you with exercises to ensure you go into surgery with the healthiest shoulder possible.

Your physical therapist will create a customized program for you. This may include strengthening of the shoulder, neck, and back muscles. Mobility exercises and posture training may also be part of your pre-surgery program. We will also educate you about what to expect after surgery to prepare you for the procedure.

Preparing before surgery will help keep your shoulder functioning the best you can, so the procedure and the recovery are much smoother.

Boost Your Surgical Success with Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy in New Jersey

At Bens Total Wellness Therapy, we believe preparation is the key to achieving optimal surgical results. Our dedicated team of physical therapists performs comprehensive evaluations to design personalized pre-surgical (pre-hab) programs tailored to your needs. We base our strategies on the latest research and our expert knowledge.

Our first step in the pre-hab journey is a thorough understanding of your medical history and specialized testing. We’ll review your health records and conduct specialized tests to gauge your current physical status and develop an effective pre-hab plan. This process ensures our interventions are safe, suitable, and result-oriented.

  • Enhancing Surgical Outcomes – Pre-hab Advantage: Pre-hab can address discomfort, reduce swelling, and improve joint and soft tissue mobility. Our pre-hab programs are structured with a strong focus on the preventive approach.
  • We work on improving your overall well-being through strategies around adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and mental preparation. By bolstering your physical strength and mental resilience before surgery, we aim to enhance your post-surgical recovery.
  • Reducing Post-Surgical Complications: Our pre-hab program also addresses potential post-surgical challenges such as swelling and limited range of motion. Our therapists guide you to recognize early signs of complications like blood clots or infections and empower you with knowledge for timely intervention. Moreover, our program is designed to improve your strength, mobility, and balance before surgery, thus reducing complications.

The potential of pre-hab is immense, and the benefits are tangible. Trust our team at Bens Total Wellness Therapy to guide you through a proactive journey toward surgical success and overall well-being.

Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive pre-surgical evaluation in New Jersey and begin your journey to quicker recovery!