Mobile Physical Therapy  New Jersey

Optimize Your Quality Of Life

Bens Total Wellness Therapy Provides Mobile Physical Therapy In Central New Jersey To Help You Live A Pain-Free Life !

Mobile Physical Therapy  New Jersey

Optimize Your Quality Of Life

Bens Total Wellness Therapy Provides Mobile Physical Therapy In Central New Jersey To Help You Live A Pain-Free Life !

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Life-Changing Results

Discover the Difference Bens Total Wellness Therapy in Central New Jersey is making!

At Bens Total Wellness Therapy, our patients' success stories are a testament to the exceptional care we provide. Hear from those who have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of our mobile physical therapy services in New Jersey. Discover how we've helped individuals regain their independence, improve their mobility, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Over two weeks, she had me going from using a walker to walking on my own. Absolutely amazing!

I had a total left knee replacement. As one can imagine after having a total knee replacement there is a lot of pain, anxiety, and discomfort. Tuhay was unbelievable from the moment she introduced herself to me. She did her evaluation, set up a home exercise program, and got me walking outside and navigating stairs on day 1!

- Steve Callaghan

My experience with therapist Tuhay was extremely pleasant!

My experience with therapist Tuhay was extremely pleasant! Was the first “major” Surgery for me. Tuhay was here every day for that first week! She was wonderful, patient, kind, understanding, very professional! Yes, I would highly recommend Tuhay, and when I have my other knee replaced I plan to be in touch with Tuhay!

- Susan B.

I would recommend Tuhay to anyone who needs therapy.

From the first day that I met Tuhay, I knew she was a dedicated, reliable, and caring therapist. She helped me with knee replacement therapy during the hardest days, the first 2 weeks. She was tough on me when she needed to be and extra supportive on the days when I felt hopeless. She’s very caring and a wonderful therapist.…

- Joanne Vozzo

I strongly recommend Tuhay Jalloh

First and most importantly, Tuhay listened to my concerns and goals. She showed an understanding of my physical capabilities using that as a starting point and moved forward from there. Tuhay reinforced safety as I did the various exercises. I have multiple sclerosis and the unpredictable nature of this disease causes some days to be more challenging than others. Tuhay understood this and tailored each session to my capabilities that day.

- Mark D.

Empowering You To Live Pain-Free

Enhancing Mobility, Strength, and Independence

At Bens Total Wellness Therapy we can help improve your pain, balance, strength, mobility, and functional independence. We create a plan to improve general health, reduce the risk of falls, and hospitalization and in many cases, help patients avoid surgery. We are dedicated to working with the patient and not against the patient to optimize their quality of life PAIN-FREE. We encourage you to come join us and experience the B.T.W way. READY, SET, GOALS!

The B.T.W Approach To Well-Being

Transforming Lives Through Clinical Excellence

Founded by Dr. Tuhay Jalloh in 2023, Bens Total Wellness Therapy LLC is driven by a profound vision and mission. Our aim is to redefine Mobile Physical Therapy in New Jersey, making it accessible, effective, efficient, enjoyable, convenient, and affordable. Dr. Jalloh’s unwavering commitment to patient well-being stems from her journey as an elite clinician. With over four years of practice, she’s touched hundreds of lives, earning a reputation for excellence.

Dr. Jalloh’s approach combines comprehensive treatment methods, precise physical examinations, and patient-specific education. She thrives on collaboration, working closely with physicians and allied health professionals, all with the patient’s best interests at heart. Her vision for Bens Total Wellness Therapy LLC reflects her deep family values of hard work, dedication, and integrity. Inspired by her Sierra Leonian immigrant parents and motivated by her husband Ahmed and son Ben, Dr. Jalloh tirelessly strives to optimize the quality of life and promote pain-free living through clinical excellence and ethical business practices.

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Dr. Tuhay Jalloh


Dr. Tuhay Jalloh is a board certified licensed physical therapist in the state of New Jersey. She is also certified in LSVT BIG and has worked with hundreds of patients from different walks of life.

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