Our Team


Dr. Tuhay Jalloh


Dr. Tuhay Jalloh is a board certified licensed physical therapist in the state of New Jersey. She is also certified in LSVT BIG and has worked with hundreds of patients from different walks of life. Dr. Jalloh is dedicated to changing the lives of as many patients as possible through clinical excellence, service and ethical business practice. Her love for Bens Total Wellness Therapy comes second only to her loving husband and beautiful son. Today, Dr. Jalloh works tirelessly to learn and grow as a person as well as grow Bens Total Wellness Therapy to accomplish their mission- to optimize pain free quality of life through clinical excellence, service and ethical business practice in order to help patients.

Outside of work Dr.Tuhay Jalloh enjoy spending time exercising and being with her family and friends. She enjoys hiking and exploring outdoor with her son. She loves to travel .

Her goal is to travel to every country at least once and so far she has been able to travel to at least 20 countries. Her love for people is unmatched. Her friends consider her the glue because she is the main one to bring anyone together.

She loves music and she loves to dance. Dr.Jalloh’s energy is contagious and she is easy to get along with. She is your biggest cheerleader!!!! She will never give up on you !!