Total Knee Replacement

How to tell when you need a knee replacement

If you have tried treatments including medication, physical therapy, and activity modifications without relief, you may be a candidate for a total joint replacement.

The most common reasons for a joint replacement include:

  • Severe joint damage. This is typically due to advanced/end stages of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Severe trauma to the joint(s). Fractures and dislocations often lead to joint replacements. Some injuries can only be addressed through surgical treatment, depending on how critical the damage was.
  • Chronic pain. If your pain constantly affects your daily life and no other treatments have seemed to help, your doctor may suggest surgery.

If you believe you may require knee replacement surgery, it is essential to prepare yourself for the process.

What can you do to prepare for knee surgery?

Consulting with one of our physical therapists can help prepare you physically, mentally, and emotionally for your upcoming surgery. Understanding what to expect has been shown to help achieve post-operative goals faster.

Our pre-operative assessment and treatment session helps decrease the length of stay postoperatively, reduces anxiety before and after surgery, improves self-confidence, and establishes a relationship with your physical therapist.

You can help ensure a smooth surgery and speedy recovery by planning. You can also ensure an early return of your function by learning what to expect and what exercises to perform. In addition, you can take steps to manage your first weeks at home by arranging for help and preparing with assistive items, such as a shower bench or a long-handled reacher.