Total Hip Replacement

The importance of preventative rehabilitation or “prehab” for Total Hip Replacement

Did you know that physical therapy before surgery is essential too?

Working with a physical therapist before surgery can help you prepare for the changes you’ll have to adjust to after your operation. For example, your therapist can prepare you for driving, moving around your house, your eventual return to work, and a post-operative exercise plan that won’t jeopardize your recovery.

Your therapist can also recommend assistive devices, such as a cane or walker, that you may require after surgery.

Prehab with a physical therapist may include recommendations for establishing a “recovery zone” in your home. If your bedroom is on the second floor of your home, for example, you might want to set up a bedroom or resting area on the first floor to avoid having to use the stairs frequently after surgery.

Items in the kitchen that you may need to reach should be placed on lower shelves ahead of time, where they are easily accessible. Physical therapy will be invaluable to your recovery, but therapeutic rest will also be beneficial. Prepare a space in your home where you can comfortably sit, rest, and relax.

Exercise will also be a part of your pre-surgery physical therapy plan. Strength training, stretching for flexibility, and aerobic exercise to improve oxygen flow will all aid in your recovery from surgery. Prehab has been proven to improve surgical outcomes and shorten recovery times.