Total Knee Replacement

Physical therapy after knee replacement

If you have had a total knee replacement, physical therapy will be necessary for rehabilitation. Your physical therapist will provide a treatment plan for you that will assist in restoring your range of motion, flexibility, strength, endurance, and overall mobility of the affected joint.

Your initial appointment will consist of a physical evaluation to determine what course of treatment will be best for your needs. Your physical therapist will create a specialized treatment plan based on your assessment to rehabilitate and bring you back to your optimum physical health.

At first, your treatment plan will consist of passive physical therapy, primarily focused on pain relief, swelling control, and restoring basic mobility. This may include manual therapy, gentle therapeutic exercises, or any other combination of treatment services that your physical therapist deems for your treatment plan.

After your passive therapy, you will continue into active physical therapy treatments. These will include strengthening exercises, balance, and gait training to ensure you progress while simultaneously preventing falls or other injuries that could inhibit your progress.

In addition, at-home treatments will help make your recovery as quick and comfortable as possible, so your knee can get back to its normal level of function!