What Is at-Home Physical Therapy?

What Is at-Home Physical Therapy?

At-home physical therapy, also known as home-based physical therapy, involves providing physical therapy services within a patient’s home. This can be highly beneficial for individuals who find it difficult to leave their homes due to their physical conditions, elderly individuals, those who live far from therapy centers, or those who prefer the convenience of therapy at home.

Our at-home physical therapists use mobility exercises for someone recovering from surgery or a fall. They might also provide strength training for individuals with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis or help with pain management for chronic conditions like arthritis.

At-home physical therapy can include:

  • Therapeutic exercises: These are specific exercises aimed at addressing problems that the patient might be experiencing. They can help improve or maintain muscle strength, coordination, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Functional training: This type of therapy is designed to help individuals perform daily activities more easily and without discomfort.
  • Pain management techniques: Physical therapists may use various methods, such as hot and cold therapy, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), massage, and certain exercises, to help manage pain.
  • Education and advice: An important part of physical therapy is educating patients about their conditions and what they can do to improve their health and well-being. This can involve teaching them about exercises they can do independently and strategies for managing pain and avoiding injury.
  • Equipment provision: For some patients, certain equipment, like wheelchairs, walkers, or braces, might be necessary. The physical therapist can provide these and training on how to use them properly.
  • Balance and coordination exercises: These can be especially helpful for older adults at risk of falls.

At-home physical therapy aims to help patients regain or improve their physical abilities so they can live as independently and comfortably as possible.

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